About semnova

semnova is an R package for analyzing data from repeated measures experimental designs. semnova implements latent repeated measures analysis of variance (RM-ANOVA) which is a structural equation modeling based alternative to tradtional RM-ANOVA. Traditional RM-ANOVA is a widely used statistical tool in the field of psychology and social sciences. RM-ANOVA can analyze data such as test scores, questionnaire items, reaction times, attitudes, characteristics, or motives. Oftentimes, the construct of interest cannot be observed directly and the aforementioned measures contain measurement errors. Latent RM-ANOVA can include multiple indicators that measure the same latent construct of and prune of measurement error. Latent RM-ANOVA can furthermore be used to examine interindividual differences in main and interaction effects of experimental factors and introduces a whole lot of other advantages from the structural equation modeling framework.

This very short tutorial is mainly based on the article by Langenberg et al. (2020). This tutorial, however, only covers how to use semnova for latent RM-ANOVA. If you would like to know more about the methods behind the software, check out the article.

Citing semnova

Please use this reference to cite the software package:

Langenberg, B., Helm, J. L., & Mayer, A. (2020). Repeated measures ANOVA with latent variables to analyze interindividual differences in contrasts. Multivariate Behavioral Research, 1–19.


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